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all new and old exhibitors of the RO-KA-TECH are written up currently by the company Expo- Guide (company headquarters in Mexico). A free entry is offered in an Internet fair list. With him, the letter attached form your entries should be completed. In case that you send back this form you must pay yearly 1,181.00€.

The VDRK as an organizer, instructs no foreign companies with the marketing of the fair RO-KA-TECH. The data are taken by expo- guide probably from the Internet exhibitor's list.

Please, destroy all writings which stand in connection with the RO-KA-TECH which do not come directly from the VDRK or a company named in the approach. The company Ex- guide also seems to use the data from our Internet member's data bank to dispatch her questionable offers.  

RO-KA-TECH 2015 | 06.05. - 08.05.2015
International Trade Fair for Pipe and Sewer Technology

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The RO-KA-TECH in Kassel has developed into the leading German/European environmental trade fair in the area of underground sewage infrastructures. On the one hand, this has been demonstrated by the substantial increase in the number of visitors (10,890 visitors in 2013), and on the other hand by the considerable rise in exhibitor participation (over 200 in 2013).   Here you can find out about the exhibitors who have already registered.

Today, 3 months before the start of the next RO-KA-TECH, around 99,8 % of the exhibition area has already been booked. From the 19,500 m² exhibition area for 2015, around 70 sqm is still available. With our online hall plan you can see the areas which are still available (highlighted in yellow). Available exhibition areas can also be modified to suit your wishes where necessary.

At the RO-KA-TECH you will meet only expert visitors who are interested in the area of underground sewage infrastructures. Generally, the main specialized areas can be summarized as follows:

Health and safety at work, safety equipment - body manufacturers and vehicle outfitters -  advice and further training -  leak-tightness testing technology, shut-off bladders -  service enterprise and handlers - drainage technology  - gas warning equipment – high pressure technology, jet nozzles, hoses, pumps  - engineering services – sewer and manhole sealant (materials) – sewer and manhole testing technology – sewer and manhole cleaning technology - locating technology -  robot technology -  pipe and sewer cleaning technology – pipe manufacturers – manholes – software – tools and accessories.

You will find exhibitors from each area here.