Called off? Relocated! - RO-KA-TECH goes online!
The first virtual industry trade fair in 3D in Germany

Experience our interpretation of a virtual trade fair. The organizer welcomes you in the foyer, there is already a lot to discover here. Ask the employees at the reception desk your questions via chat system. You can visit the exhibitors via the exhibitor wall or the red button. Here you have the opportunity to get in personal contact with the exhibitors, in text chat or even during video contact in private or in a group.

In the showroom, at the booth, you can move in the X and Y axes by holding down the left mouse button. With the right button pressed, you can move horizontally across the stand. Scroll down to details on the stand, brochures, videos and much more. Discover new possibilities.

You will be welcomed in our virtual foyer

Select the exhibitor you want by using the exhibitor wall or the red button. Via the click points on the counter you can reach the employees of the VDRK (via the chat system) and ask your questions.


Exhibition stand template - Basic

Media data

Application form


Exhibition stand template - Standard

Media data

Application form

Chat system quick guide

Exhibition stand template - Plus

Media data

Application form

Chat system quick guide

Häufig gestellte Fragen

How long does the virtual trade fair run?

The virtual RO-KA-TECH is accessible online for visitors and exhibitors 24/7 - 365 days a year and runs independently of the original trade fair days.

What does participation cost?

Depending on which stand you choose.

The following prices apply to VDRK members:

  • Basic: € 100 / month
  • Standard: 150 € / month
  • Plus: € 200 / month

Non-members pay € 50 surcharge per package and month. The tax liability is transferred to the recipient. We refer to the reverse charge procedure.

Can I do it all myself?

The "equipping" of the virtual exhibition stand is done easily in a specially set up CMS. Changes can be made at any time.

What functions are there on the stand?

There are several click points on the stands, which can be used to call up the following actions:


  • Employee overview and, depending on the package booked, chat options
  • Exhibitor information and contact details
  • Link to the website

Brochure stand:

  • Storage of PDF files (for example brochures, catalogs, flyers, ...)

Info board:

  • Video function in the Basic and Standard packages


  • Video function in the Plus package

Tablet stand:

  • Linking to social media


  • Video function in continuous loop in the Standard package and in the Plus ImageSequence package

Is it possible to change the 3 predefined stands individually?

There are three different predefined standard templates. We are working on assigning the templates to specific orders. This will make it possible to make individualized adjustments. For the future, it is planned that the exhibitor will be able to reposition certain elements himself.

Are there opportunities for co-exhibitors?

No, this is unfortunately not technically feasible. The display only works on its own stand.

I have never been an exhibitor, can I still participate?

Yes, of course that is also possible.

Does the chat function run via email?

No, the chat function does not work via an email address. Employees are stored in the CMS and then appointments are set for each employee when they can be reached by visitors via the chat system. Each employee has his own course, similar to a messenger service. The visitor can reach the chats via the click point at the counter.

Where can I link to my website?

The website is stored in the CMS under "address entries" and the visitor can then find it via the click point at the counter.

Is it possible to store several employees / departments on the stand?

Yes, you can assign several employees as stand personnel. The visitor can contact these via the click point at the counter.

Are changes possible later?

Yes, changes can be made at any time via the personal CMS.

Can I only search for certain categories?

This works via the red button "Exhibitor" in the top left. Various filters are also integrated into this list.

How do potential visitors find out about the fair?

As the organizer, we advertise the virtual RO-KA-TECH intensively in the RO-KA-TECH Journal and in other specialist magazines and newspapers (online and in print). In addition, we publish information on all of our social media channels and via our newsletter system.

By when do you have to register?

Registration is possible at any time as the fair is online 24/7 - 365 days a year.

How can I sign up?

Quite simply and easily using the registration form.

Do you have to register as a visitor?

There is no obligation to register. We recommend using the real name for guest access. This facilitates communication with the exhibitor in the chat system.

How do I find an exhibitor?

The visitor can select the exhibitor in the foyer or on a stand via the exhibitor wall. It is also possible to select the exhibitor from the list using the red button "Exhibitor" at the top left. Various filters are also integrated into this list.

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